Snuffel Hostel, a place where everyone feels welcome

To listen to the local youth, offering them opportunities and functioning as a meeting point for locals and hostel guests. That’s our vision and our mission.

Through collaboration with our social partners, we try to lower as many thresholds as possible at Snuffel, in multiple areas.

‘t Veldzicht

’t Veldzicht vzw works with the many talents people with disabilities and/or their vulnerabilities have to offer, and guarantees customised care. Every thursday, four or more talents and a supervisor join us to help us clear breakfast and tidy the guest kitchen.

‘t Sas Bruges (night shelter)

The local night shelter provides people who don’t have a place to stay with a bed and breakfast. When their establishment is full, we provide extra beds at Snuffel.

Duin en Polder

The jam served at breakfast is made by Duin en Polder, a small-scale residential and professional community, offering assistance to people on multiple life domains.

Iedereen Verdient Vakantie

Iedereen Verdient Vakantie (‘Everyone deserves a holiday’) focuses on vacationers with a limited budget, a disability or a particular question.


Brake-Out has given young people with support needs such as intellectual disability, ASD or NAH the chance to get to know new places and people. They actively build their future. Brake-Out is a project of Konekt VZW.