Snuffel Hostel, a place where everyone feels welcome

To listen to the local youth, offering them opportunities and functioning as a meeting point for locals and hostel guests. That’s our vision and our mission.

Snuffel Hostel: global meets local

Bruges is popular, so popular that tourists and our city have become one and the same thing.
Our mission in this story is bringing tourists and locals closer to each other. How? By offering young people from all over the world, in groups, with friends or on their own, more than just a bed and a breakfast. Because apart from being a lovely hostel, Snuffel also is a meeting point for young people, a place where they can inspire and learn from one another

Local youth in our hostel

At Snuffel we strongly commit to working for and with local young people.
Think of free and accessible concerts, art shows, comedy nights, readings and science bars, in Snuffel Hall or in our café. Additionally, local young people also enjoy our accommodation. For instance, they can have their lunch in our bar around noon. During their exam period, they can study here and rent our meeting room for free. 

Last but not least: with some help from our event manager, young people and organisations can develop a project or organise something themselves at Snuffel Hostel.
Interested? Take a look at our events.

Building bridges

Everyone is welcome at our hostel. And it’s not just big talk. We mainly focus on (international) guests and young people, but also on facilitating holidays for persons with disabilities.
To make this happen, we try to lower as many thresholds as possible. We do this in close collaboration with our social partners, such as ‘Iedereen Verdient Vakantie’, ‘Brake-Out’ and ‘’t Sas’. This way, (often young) people who don’t have a place to stay, can spend a night in our warm nest.